Billboards – Interactive Travel Game

Billboards – Interactive Travel Game

Do you like Scrabble©, the Alphabet Game, Crossword Puzzles, or Bingo? Then you are going to love Billboards!


Billboards is designed to provide hours of engaging fun while traveling. The game attempts to engage travelers with their surroundings, invoke conversation, improve spelling and math skills, and make traveling more fun for adults and children. Competitive and solitary game play is available.  This approach makes travel more enjoyable and passes time quickly; also, you might see a great place to stop on one of those billboards.

Billboards uses signs and advertisements seen while traveling to complete games on customized game boards. Each letter entered is worth a pre-set amount points. These Letter Points are added up to get a Word Score.  Then the Word Scores are added together to get a Total Game Score.  Whoever has the highest score at the end of the game wins.

Several different games are available for play and no game is ever the same. The different games also provide playing options to shorten the game or make it more or less competitive.